McLoed Ganj – day 9

A magical start to the day – waking up to bright sunshine, crystal blue skies and with views of the Himalayan mountains all around us. We had breakfast on a local roof terrace soaking up the sun and the view whilst drinking hot apple tea. Headed for the Dalai Lama residence to see the complex where he lives when in India. It was, unsurprisingly, very simple. The walls had absolutely amazing murals painted on them and they were far fewer tourists there than I’d have thought there would/should have been. Once we left the complex, I was eyeing up some Tibetian jewellery (ever the magpie!). As the woman showed us a beautiful wood bead bracelet, it broke in her hands to which she said, loudly, ‘oh shit!!’. I don’t know which one of the three of us laughed loudest. Decided to head out on a hike around the town – started by walking up to a viewpoint on the mountain side. We then meandered through local villages, just enjoying the view and quiet! Came into the town of Bhagsu Nag, which had a smaller version of the crazy temple from Amritsar! We followed signs to find the local waterfall. Climbed all the way to the top (away from the tourists) and had a cold drink enjoying the view of the valley below.  

Climbed a little bit down to find a quiet spot and we met a Tibetian monk who was struggling to take a selfie of himself with his iPad (I swear I’m not making this up!!). Jayne was very good and, through using hand gestures, took a photo for him. Apparently, he had it on video mode! Whilst we were sat there, Jayne saw a hummingbird hawk-moth. She then spent about 10 minutes to try and take a photo of it (with some success!). Further down the waterfall, we ended up at the, now quiet, plunge pool. We sat down for about half an hour just listening to the pounding water on the rocks.  

Left the waterfall to return to town, where we saw a local woman letting her cows drink from the bucket that contained drinks that were being sold for tourists! Best thing was that the shop owner wasn’t even bothered!!! Back in town, we had a hot cup of soya vanilla latte and a piece of cake to reward us for our 10km hike. Back to the hotel for a quick rest and a bit of research into the hike we are planning to attempt tomorrow before having dinner of Tibetian noodle soup and vegetable steamed dumplings. Off to bed soon as we’re both shattered!!

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