McLoed Ganj – day 10

Another UNESCO world heritage site ticked off our list! Close enough to the Great Himalayan National Park to count in our book. Decided to leave the hotel by 7am to give us the most amount of time to climb Mount Triund, especially as I wasn’t feeling too great – my stomach was showing definite signs of Delhi belly! Anyway, started our hike by the same route we did yesterday – past the Tibetan performing arts centre and up the hill to the viewpoint. Once there, we started our slow ascent up the mountain, pausing to take photos along the way. Was joined for a short bit of our journey by an Indian from Delhi who was hiking in jeans, jumpe, scarf and sandals… Once we got to the entrance of the Triund trail, we paid 20 rupees each to get a walking permit and we were on our way! Possibly one of the hardest hikes I’ve ever tried to undertake, especially as my body was screaming at me to go back to bed! Fortunately, the Les Miserables soundtrack playing on loop in my head helped!!!   

We continued climbing and passed loads of locals wearing flip flops – was very jealous as I was ‘forced’ to wear hiking trainers (and my feet are making me pay for it now!). Managed to get past the first tea room stop, which is apparently where some people aim for. As we climbed higher, the terrain became more challenging with sheer cliff drops next to the path. A few dodgy stumbles and me stepping on a snake (which thankfully must have gone between the sole of my foot and the heel so it just slithered away), we decided to call it a day about 2kms from the summit. Feeling a bit disappointed that we didn’t make it to the top but really glad we stopped when we did. Especially as, on our way down, the clouds came in and covered the upper mountain path in fog – it would have been scary continuing up and then coming back down – fortunately, we got to enjoy the view all the way down.  A total hike of 18.7km going up to about 2,700metres above sea level.

Back in the hotel, we both had a hot shower and a packet of crisps (living it up!!). Headed out for dinner to feast on hot vegetable soup, rice and tea. Writing the blog from the restaurant as neither of us have the energy to shuffle back to our hotel room yet – oh well, will just have to order another cup of hot apple tea… Might have to add a slice of cake! And we just learnt how to say ‘Thank You’ in Tibetan.

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