Travelling – day 15

Left Chandigarh at 9am to get on a local bus towards Hardiwar. The bus driver gave us two seats near the front as it was more comfortable although Jayne feels like it was an excuse for him to perve easier!! As the hours passed by, we descended altitude and the heat became more intense… Stopped off for a quick lunch break and had one of the nicest egg fried vegetable sandwiches! Jayne reckons I was spared the worst of the driving with my little nap at the beginning of the journey.  

 Arrived in Haridwar around 2pm and started our usual search for somewhere to stay. Managed to find a hotel on our 4th try (it’s getting harder to just turn up… We might actually have to start planning stuff!! Especially with Dewali coming up!!). A quick walk around town, working out the layout and finding out that the train back to Delhi the following day was fully booked so we’ll have to get a night bus tomorrow night. Enquired about a safari in the national parks before we headed for the Ganges river at 6pm to watch the ‘blessing of the river’ ceremony. Sat by the riverside and watched as people bathed and sent floral tributes down the river. Slightly spoilt by watching local children fish the tributes out of the water about 10 metres down (obviously to re-sell) but I suppose that’s life here.

We meandered back down the town to book our safari adventure and went for dinner. Had a lovely vegetarian tali in a restaurant that I felt slightly uncomfortable eating in – not sure they had ever seen a tourist in there before so we often had a couple of waiters just watching us eat!  


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