Agra – day 20

After a little lie in, we headed out for breakfast and got snacks for the day from the local kiosk. We were a bit surprised when the shop keeper asked us for double the amount but when we showed him the prices written on the packet (think he was surprised we knew they were there… They’re written very small!!) we were all sorted!

Decided to head out of Agra again today – definitely the most draining town we’ve been to in terms of the persistent touts, vendors and TukTuk drivers. Headed out to Keoladeo Ghana National Park near Bharatpur. Got a local bus (slightly better condition than yesterday’s!) and drove for about 1 and a half hours to the park. Saw a procession for the Indian Paralymics – was the first time either of us have seen individuals with additional needs in India. Managed to get dropped off right outside the entrance, rather than at the bus depot 5km away – the benefit of being western tourists!! Once in the park and after convincing the cycle-rickshaws that we wanted to walk, we started on the Lemon Grass Nature Trail. Stupidly, I had worn my flip flops (not the best wardrobe choice) and Jayne got increasingly annoyed every time I had to stop and pull thorns out of my feet (about every 2 metres!!). 


As we were walking we heard twigs snapping nearby. A quick look through the trees and I saw a monkey the size of a large dog! Jayne didn’t see it but was convinced enough to leave the trail (and the bloody thorny bushes) and go to the main path. We saw absolutely loads of wildlife during our 5 hour walk in the park – storks, cranes, herons, owls, kingfishers, deer, hares, ibis, mice, monkeys, parakeets, praying mantis and dung beetles (to name a few). Didn’t see anything pythons or mud turtles which are both suppose to come out from underground to sunbathe at this time of year!! 


After the park we headed back to the bus stand on the side of the main road between Agra and Jaipur. Have to admit that I felt very weird waving at random traffic in the dark. Must have worked though… Got us on a bus to Agra within 5 minutes! The cutest baby sat in front of us on the bus, trying to climb constantly into Jayne’s arms. Would have happily held him to, especially as mum dropped him on the floor to throw up out of the window (and then shouted at the dad for leaving him there!). 

Back in Agra, Jayne managed to walk us down a slightly dodgy back street but got us to where we needed to be! A TukTuk back to the hotel and some dinner before scrubbing my dirty feet clean!!

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