Pushkar – day 25

After breakfast at the hotel, we decided to climb up to the viewpoint and look at the town and surrounding desert. A slightly rock climbing 30 minute walk/scramble later, we were at the viewpoint. At the top, there was a temple and an abandoned restaurant. As we were the only ones there, we got to sit down and enjoy the view and quiet for over an hour.  

An equally tough scramble/climb down the hill, stopping for far too many selfies of us and the view! Could see quite far into the distance and saw, what we think was, the beginning preparations for the annual Pushkar camel fair. 


Once back in town, we headed down to the sacred lake. We’ve read that tourists can get loads of pressure to make donations by ‘priests’ performing blessings so we were ready for some hassle… However we didn’t get any. We managed to find a quiet place in one of the 52 bathing ghats and watched as people bathed in the sacred waters. We saw priests perform blessings and Jayne even got licked by a (sacred) cow! Was slightly ironic that every couple of minutes someone would set off a firecracker to scare away pigeons and monkeys but people were buying bags of seeds and puffed rice to put on the metal roof of the ghat to feed them… Wandered around the Sadar Bazaar afterwards but it mostly was Indo-Western clothing. On the way back to our hotel, I decided that my feet needed a bit of TLC so £5 and an hour of scrubbing later, I had pretty feet again (only for them to get dirty again the minute I left the spa/restaurant corridor!!).


Dinner, mint chocolate milkshakes and UNO finished off our day.

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