Pushkar – day 27

Woke Jayne up at 4am cause I wanted to climb to the Savitri temple on top of the hill to watch the sunrise. She wasn’t too happy about being dragged out of bed but we were up and out of the hotel by 5am, with an hour and a half to complete the hike before sunrise.  From a distance, the hill looks pretty small and manageable. Up close?!? It’s not so small!! An hour of strenuous climbing later we were the first ones at the top enjoying the view of Pushkar. 

  The temple at the top was nothing special but the view was incredible. Watched the sunrise peeping through the clouds over the top of the surrounding mountains. 

 Stayed up there for about 2 hours before we started getting cold and decided to head back down. Found a wild chameleon on the path coming down – he was beautiful and very happy to pose for photos!!  

On the way back to our hotel, we went to the Brahma Temple which we didn’t make it to yesterday. One of only a couple located in the world, it has a goose symbol over the entrance (the symbol of Brahma) and a red spire. Apparently, Brahma wanted to perform a self- mortification ceremony at the lake, and when his wife Savitri didn’t attend, he married another woman on a whim. Savitri, understandably annoyed, vowed that Brahma would not be worshipped anywhere else. Headed back to the hotel for breakfast and a little nap! Watched ’22 Jump Street’ whilst we were waking up and then headed down to the lake to have a fruit juice. Ended up finding a cafe with such an amazing view that we spent the rest of the afternoon reading books and enjoying the drumming lesson from the music shop next door. Dinner back at the hotel. Now we’re packed and ready to catch our 7am bus tomorrow to Jodhpur. 

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