Jaisalmer – day 33

Having slept in varying degrees (Jayne nearly all night… Me nearly not at all!), there was a big difference in our energy levels this morning! The desert is extremely cold at night and there was a fierce wind last night so, even with the thick blankets, cold air somehow sneaked in somewhere!! Also, the mattresses and blankets clearly weren’t made for tall people… You had to decide what you wanted covered – head or feet! The Israeli girl managed to make a cocoon out of hers! We were the only ones up to see the sunrise – I think even the guides were surprised we were awake. They gave us hot chai whilst they went to wake up the others. 

  Whilst the camp got itself together, Jayne had the energy to do some running and jumping on the dunes… I could barely keep my head upright!! After a breakfast of toast & jam, fresh fruit and biscuits (curry flavoured), we were back on the camels.  Slightly less bumpy today but still as uncomfortable!! Mostly because yesterday’s ride had given me a blister on my bum and it was now getting rubbed again in the same place!! Have to admit that I am more of a princess sitting on a seat on the back of an elephant kind of girl rather than a camel rider – unlike Jayne who was a natural!!!  Left our camels behind and got back into the jeep to head back to Jaisalmer. Got to the hotel and had a nice hot shower to get rid of all the sand lodged in every pore! Went for a walk to get lunch, street samosas, and then (cause my bum hurt so much!), Jayne treated me to a Nutella pancake – it was delicious!! Back to the hotel for a power nap before drinking milkshakes on the rooftop, watching ‘Despicable Me’ and chatting to other travellers about their camel safaris. Got a full day of travelling tomorrow (train and bus) heading to Udaipur. 

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