Travelling – day 34

Today was purely a travelling day – 14 hours of it!! Got up and left the hotel with enough time to walk the 2.2km to the train station, knowing that we were going to be ‘stuck’ in our seats for a while… Found our carriage and seats with no problems. Luckily, the train wasn’t too full. I had an upper bunk seat which I crawled into and promptly fell asleep (still recovering from the night not sleeping in the desert!). 

  Jayne had a lower bunk seat but once the train started moving and it was clear she had it all to herself, she stretched out and read her book. After my hour power nap, we watched ‘Despicable Me 2’ on the laptop and got ready to leave the train. Thanks to the beautifully useful app ‘MapsMe’, Jayne realised that if we got off a station earlier we would be closer to the bus stand, so off we got with about 50 army guys and made our way down the road to wait for our bus to take us from Jodhpur to Udaipur. Had a bit of a wait, so I headed out on a mission to find us lunch whilst Jayne watched the bags (e.g. played Candy Crush!!). Managed to find our new favourite fried snack of a whole green chilli wrapped in spicy mashed potato and deep fried in batter! 

 Got on the bus and had a rather easy 5.5hour journey. We both read our books and listened to music whilst watching the World from the bus window. A dinner of street samosas has made it a completely yellow food day!

 Arrived in Udaipur at around 9.30pm and, after having sat down for so long, decided to walk the 2km to our hotel. Was really nice – at the beginning! The closer we got to our hotel, the more Diwali celebrations were happening and we found ourselves regularly surrounded by fireworks and bangers being set off. Nothing dangerous but certainly loud enough to make the walk uncomfortable on the ears and it gave me a mild heart attack! Got to the hotel after about 20minutes searching the rough area of where it should be – turns out we’d walked past it 3 times but didn’t notice the sign cause of the distractions around us!!! A quick shower and then we fell into bed, sleeping with the sound of bangers still going off outside!

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