Udaipur – day 37

Another early start as we headed back to Animal Aid for more volunteering. After stopping at cafe Namaste for our ‘usual’ take away breakfast of a chocolate croissant and a cinnamon roll, we found a TukTuk (much better than yesterday’s!) and headed out of the city. Arrived at the rescue centre as 2 locals were bringing in a one week-old calf that had been attacked by dogs. Helped them get through the gate before the calf was whisked off to receive medical attention. Spent the morning in ‘Handicap Heaven’ with the semi-paralysed dogs, brushing their coats, feeding them breakfast and massaging their limbs. 

After that, we got to feed the orphaned calves. First you have to get the surrogate mum to leave the enclosure… Getting a 3 legged cow to move when she doesn’t want to isn’t easy! Feeding the calves requires several arms to block and move greedy calves out of the way so you can ensure the smaller ones get more milk! It’s good fun but I’m glad they make the volunteers wear shoes!   Next we headed to the other calf enclosure with the more injured cow. Managed to get ‘Jean’ to drink nearly 2 bottles of milk (yesterday he drank nothing). The baby calf from this morning died as they were trying to feed him – his injuries were too bad. It was good to see how much effort had been put in. He had stitches and iodine on his wounds – they had tried really hard to save him. Went and saw another calf who has a broken leg. He was beautiful and loved having his head rubbed.  Just before lunch, we headed over to the blind dog section to give them some love and a coat brush. Jayne managed to sit next to the most playful dog and the most lazy dog in the whole place! After lunch, we used special anti bacterial and anti fungal shampoo on some of the dogs. They were left to dry in the sun but more often than not, they would roll around in the sand so would look worse than when we started!! Fortunately, a quick brush sorted them out!    

 Back at the hotel, we had a steaming hot shower to get the days grime off us. Walked round the corner to an amazing roof top restaurant followed by some more Indian sweets and a (what should have been but wasn’t) early night!!

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