Udaipur – day 38

Our last day volunteering at Animal Aid. We were both kind of glad that it was over as we felt that the long-term volunteers could be used in a more effective and productive manner. We did the same things each day and when we asked to help the staff (who looked run off their feet) in other areas, we were told ‘no’. Jayne had spoken to one of the vets yesterday who had offered to let Jayne shadow her for the day. So whilst I was with the paralysed dogs, giving them love and affection, Jayne was helping out in the puppy section, taking temperatures and helping to re-insert a prolapsed rectum. Around mid morning tea break, one of the charity founders told Jayne that she wasn’t allowed to shadow the vet anymore – it wasn’t what volunteers did! Despite protests from the vet, Jayne was told to go back to giving love and affection to the paralysed dogs as “they don’t have much going on in their lives!” Whilst I went to feed the baby calves, Jayne was asked to paint the kennels – which she did for the rest of the day. I went and helped her after lunch as her back had started hurting. As we had our rabies injections, we were allowed in kennel B (for dogs with skin conditions such as mange). It was so nice to be with dogs who clearly didn’t get much human contact but really craved it!!        Headed home at the end of the day, both feeling a bit grumpy and frustrated, but the sight of the local bus made us giggle again! Got back to the hotel for a scolding hot shower and a nice dinner – obviously our eyes were bigger than our bellies… I could barely move afterwards!!!   

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