Udaipur – day 39

An indulgent day! Jayne has been struck down with a bug that she has picked up (possibly at Animal Aid or from the Indian sweets we got for Diwali). She also hurt her back with the painting yesterday so we spent the day relaxing at the hotel. Jayne spent time sleeping and playing Candy Crush whilst I read (and finished!) another book – I love having time to read again!! Managed to persuade Jayne to leave the ‘comfy’ bed and head into town to watch the sun set from one of the roof top restaurants.  Enjoyed a lemon tea and water whilst we watched the boats sail around on the lake as the sun slowly got lower in the sky. Decided to switch restaurants for dinner but, as we were not feeling very motivated, we simply walked into the restaurant next door!!  Had one of our most expensive dinners yet but only cause Jayne chose comfort Western food and I had a chocolate brownie for dessert! Back at the hotel now planning our next few days and catching up with Mags & Tom via Skype. 

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