Udaipur – day 40

Whatever Jayne had/has, I now have it as well… Both of us are feeling a bit fragile as we tag team it to the toilet and going out to the shops for supplies. Have spent the day at the hotel, watching films, IM’ing Clare, Tracey & Gaelle and sleeping. Had a hilarious shower where neither of us had the energy to stand up so we just sat on the floor, huddled together under the hot water. I don’t think I’ve ever giggled so much at how pathetic we were being!!! Feeling a bit better after our salty crisp sandwiches and vast quantities of oral rehydration salts (FYI – they taste disgusting in every country despite what the Indian pharmacist told me…). Going to stay in Udaipur a few more days longer than planned and wait until we feel vaguely human again before heading to our next town.