Udaipur (by Jayne) – day 41


It can be asking someone on a date, standing in front of your classmates giving a presentation or maybe that first car journey by yourself. These are all things we can relate to. 

For me, it was timing the bathroom ‘trips’ precisely in order to make it to the cafe for breakfast and back without incident. 
I was rewarded with such heroism by feeling decidedly better for the majority of the day. I was on the mend. I was going to make it. 🙂   Katherine on the other hand was still feeling it… 

Despite tearing through the scrambled egg ‘in’ toast, and struggling through those delightful lemon electrolyte sachets it was slow going through the movies as we had to pause it nearly every 10mins for a break. 

I felt that the nauseating smell of cow shit & open sewers and the cacophony of tuk tuk horns & street hawkers would be a welcome change from the confines of the room so I forced madam to get up and get dressed.  This is where it all started to go wrong. The Christmas Snow Man placemats at the restaurant couldn’t cheer the slow deterioration of my body. The food that had been so welcome earlier now sat churning in my stomach with the effervescent bubbling of those bloody awful rehydration salts. Katherine was able to eat dinner and helped me through mine, while I focused on keeping everything from the day down. 

Managed to get back to the hotel where exhaustion finally overcame illness and I passed out. Mr Bucket was close at hand and Katherine’s day of reckoning was almost upon me.