Udaipur – day 42

Karma is a bitch!!! After Jayne’s ‘delightful’ photo of me in yesterday’s blog, it seems that she has relapsed into her stomach bug with gusto!!! Mwah haha… Although, I mustn’t get too cocky!!  It appears that last nights dinner had settled my stomach enough to get me a good nights sleep and, as such, I am feeling (surprisingly) on better form. Jayne on the other hand… Spent most of the morning reading my book whilst she was ‘otherwise engaged’ before convincing her to come out for breakfast to get some fresh air. Headed for our usual Cafe Namaste where Jayne fell asleep at the table – so much for food making her feel better.  Ordered fruit muesli with no bananas (which was ignored). Realised that if I could stomach the taste of bananas after a 2-day stomach bug then I was really going to be okay! Took Jayne back to the hotel and then I headed out in search of an ATM and a pharmacy. Got Jayne some drugs (which I googled to check they weren’t going to kill her) and then settled in for an afternoon of watching her sleep/reading my book/catching up on FB. Woke Jayne up when our hotel owner knocked on the door to check she was okay (although, he rubbed her leg a bit TOO much!! Lols – so funny!! Not sure we’ll ever get used to the lack of personal space here). Headed out for dinner as she was in the mood for Chinese food – some things never change! Have cancelled our taxi tour for tomorrow. Hopefully another days rest might make all the difference! 

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