Travelling – day 45

Set our alarms early so we had time to pack our bags, get breakfast and head to the bus station for a decent time to make our 6 hour bus journey to Ahmedabad. Headed back to Cafe Namaste for a final ‘goodbye to Udaipur’ breakfast – we’ve stayed in that town for 4 nights more than we wanted so, although we were both desperate to continue our journey through India, we were both a bit apprehensive about leaving!! Got a tuktuk straight away to the bus station and got on a semi-deluxe bus which left almost immediately. A relatively simple journey, eating street samosas and crisps, watching the scenery change as we went into the state of Gujarat. It also signalled a change in local peoples attitude towards us!! Rajasthan is clearly a state that receives lots of tourists – locals are used to tourists and always smile at us (sometimes too much!!). According to ‘The Lonely Planet’, Gujarat state gets a random tourist passing through occasionally and you can tell!! The stares here are either of pure lust (being undressed with their eyes) or pure hatred scowling. As we got off the bus in Ahmedabad, I felt incredibly uncomfortable in my 3/4 length trousers and, as we started walking the 1km to the hotel, we got plenty of both stares mentioned above! One tuktuk driver pulled over, looked Jayne up and down, smiled and said ‘porn star’ before driving off. Found our hotel with little problems after getting directions from a local shop keeper (luckily he was friendly and honest!). Much to the managers surprise, we chose the much smaller room at the back of the hotel as it was significantly quieter! After changing into some longer trousers, we headed out to the train station to organise our next few days of visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We were clearly the most exciting thing that has ever happened in the ticket reservation office – think every cashier in the station came to our booth to see us within the 10minutes we were there!! Got sorted and headed back towards the hotel to find something to eat. Found a hotel with restaurant attached to have some rice and noodles before heading back to the hotel to watch a Bollywood film on TV. 

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