Travelling – day 50

Had a lazy morning, eating breakfast, packing our bags and checking out of the hotel. Stayed in reception for a bit, reading our books and the newspaper. Decided to leave early for the train station so we could stop en route for ice cream. Jayne ordered something that neither of us had any idea what it was… Turned out to be a sort of rose flavoured strawberry milkshake with sweet spaghetti, vanilla ice cream and jelly bits floating in it!! It actually tasted better than it sounds/looks. I played it safe with a cookies & cream sundae covered in chocolate sauce, cashew nuts and chocolate chips.  

Headed to the train station and worked out which platform we needed to wait on. Sat in a quiet corner on the station, slowing sweating out through every pore of our bodies just by breathing!! The humidity has gotten higher as we’ve gone further south and the rain storm two days ago hasn’t cleared the air at all.  
Got on the train and found our seats. Have to admit that Indian Railways are extremely efficient and diligent – within a minute of the train pulling out from the station, we had a free bottle of water each and the conductor had checked our tickets. Within 5 minutes, we were served the snacks that the other passengers had been served before we boarded the train! It was a slow but easy 5 hour journey to Mumbai – we read our books and watched the scenery listening to the various body noises of the passengers around us!! Dinner on the train was actually really nice. We had soup and bread sticks to start, followed by rice and 2 types of vegetarian curries. For dessert, we then got served vanilla ice cream. 

Arrived in Mumbai, where you can actually taste the smog and humidity! Walked the short distance to our hotel. Accommodation costs are higher in Mumbai than anywhere else in India but we decided to pay a little bit extra to be in Central Mumbai so we can walk to the major tourist sights rather than having to get taxis or trains. Although, even at 9.30pm, we were sweating so much from the 15 minute walk so we might be getting taxis everywhere anyway!!! 

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