Aurangabad – day 56

Didn’t set alarms as we were both still shattered from our night train. Had no real plans today as we knew that we would need to recover and, probably, one or both of us would be in a crabby mood!! Got up, ordered some tea and coffee before heading to the train station to get our tickets to Bhopal in 2 days time. Clearly, we’ve got the form completion down to a tee as he didn’t even look at us as he printed out two tickets for the correct destination and correct date/time! Went to a local milkshake bar – Jayne got pineapple with mango. I got the strongest cold coffee milkshake I’ve probably ever had!!  

As we sat there relaxing, we planned our day to look at some of the local sights knowing that neither of us had the energy or will to visit another big UNESCO World Heritage Site. Started walking towards the first site on our self-planned walking tour and we got descended upon by TukTuk drivers and beggars. Managed to walk through the throng of people and continue our walk. As we walked, we had a constant stream of TukTuk drivers stopping and calling us ‘sir’. After about 10 minutes of this, a TukTuk pulled over and said ‘Sir. Where are you going?’. At this point, Jayne pointed at her breasts and said ‘I’m a Madame – look at these!’. Well, I never have seen an Indian try so intently NOT to look at our breasts. In fact, it was the most eye contact I’ve had from any Indian in our 2 months here!! Decided at this point to turn around and head for the sanctuary of our room, knowing full well that neither of us really wanted to see the local places of worship that badly. Jayne took a nap while I did research and caught up on Facebook. Had something to eat before watching a film on the netbook and getting a much needed early night!

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