Travelling – day 84

A much needed and self indulgent lie-in this morning. Decided that since we had seen other caves that were apparently ‘far superior’ than the caves of Badami, we decided to give them a miss and catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation. Stayed in bed, watching TV (catching up on a new episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ which we haven’t watched since Aurangabad – day 58!) and reading books. Had a shower and packed our bags before checking out of the hotel at 1pm – 24 hour check out is a dream at times!! Went to the same restaurant as last night since it was directly opposite the bus station and we knew it did good food. Had a slightly more limited menu at lunchtime but we ate well even if the restaurant began filling up with smoke at one point!!! Walked over to the bus station and waited for our bus to Hubli. Got followed by a strange looking man who kept eyeing up our day packs so we were extra cautious when he jumped on the same bus as us, making sure that we didn’t let go of them as he hovered around us. Clearly we were right to worry as he got off the bus almost immediately (as it pulled out of the bus station) and headed back to his friend. Caught the bus earlier than necessary as we didn’t want a repeat of our bus journey to Satna!!! The 3 hour bus journey to Hubli was pretty uneventful – I finished my book whilst Jayne read hers and we both munched on fruit cake. Fortunately got a three seater bench to ourselves which was good as we wouldn’t have been able to squeeze anyone else in with our backpacks. Arrived in Hubli and, after checking we knew where the private bus would leave from, we headed to an Internet cafe to kill some time. Jayne did some research for the next part of our trip whilst I copied the blog notes from my iPad and typed them directly onto the website. The man next to us was enjoying himself a bit too much in the public Internet cafe – some things should really be done in the privacy of your own home… Left the Internet place and headed to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Ordered aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower curry) and a mixed vegetable curry with fried rice – all of which was very different to the same curries that we have ordered in other places. After dinner, we headed to the private bus stand (outside a travel agents) and waited… And waited… And waited… The bus guard/shop keeper told us our bus was stuck in traffic over 70km away and would be late – it was supposed to arrive at 11.45pm. He let us wait inside the shop as he thought it could be up to 3 hours late, so we waited… And waited… And waited…Wednesday 30th December 2015

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