Goa – day 88

A slightly lazier morning, making cold coffee from the sachets that Clare had brought us from England and rubbing various exotic lotions into our skins from the free toiletries ‘stolen’ from various posh hotels across India. Even had time to go down to the guesthouse restaurant for our complimentary breakfast of toast, boiled eggs and coffee. Think the owner was very worried that we hadn’t been down here breakfast before today – having always left to visit Clare rather than eating! Walked the 1.5km to our bus stop, spotting two massive lizards basking in the sun and Jayne’s new favourite bird (which we have no idea what it is!!!). Got on the local bus and headed for The Leela. A new security guard team on the gate so we were back to feeling like criminals while we waited for Clare and Samantha to turn up!! Started the 7km stroll back up the beach to our guesthouse, enjoying the waves lapping at our ankles.

We were joined for most of our walk by a stray beach dog which we named Pooja whilst Jayne and Samantha went looking for crabs. Stopped along the way to take some photos of the 4 of us in the water, attempting several jumping photos which resulted in me falling over and cutting my knees on the sand – ever graceful and elegant!!!

The photo stop also resulted in a massive water fight which Jayne evidenced with the camera from the shoreline – so, not wanting her to miss out, we dragged her into the sea with all her clothes on! Dried off pretty quickly in the sun as we continued the walk up to our beach. Jayne managed to find a massive crab which, when I tried to hold it, managed to grab my hand with its pincers. It bloody hurt as I jumped about screaming at Jayne to ‘get it off, get it off!!’. It finally released me from its ‘death’ grip, leaving a lovely puncture wound in my palm – clearly not a great day for me injury wise!!! Had beer (to calm my nerves!!), fruit milkshakes and snacks at the beach hut restaurant before going for a swim in the ocean. It was beautifully warm and very relaxing.  Came back to the guesthouse so that Jayne and I could shower and get ready for dinner whilst Clare drank rum and Coke on the balcony chatting to Samantha. Caught the local bus back down the The Leela and, whilst the girls got ready, Jayne and I headed to the beach for a soft drink before dinner. Met up with Karen and Armond who had very kindly invited us out for dinner to the nearby seafood restaurant. The waiter was concerned that the prawns I ordered were going to be too spicy but after three months in India they were decidedly mild!! Had a wonderful evening chatting about a wide variety of different topics. We caught a taxi back to our guesthouse and fell fast asleep after too much sun and wine!

Sunday 3rd January 2016

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