Goa – day 90

Woke up in the middle of the night feeling incredibly worse for wear… Think it was a combination of too much sun, too much food and too much alcohol and my body wasn’t happy!! Woke Jayne up who kindly rubbed my back and got me a drink of Coke whilst my body decided what it was going to do. Crawled back into bed, putting the bucket next to the bed and tried to get in a comfortable position to fall back to sleep. Woke up later on, feeling less sick but very tired as we spent the morning packing up our stuff, decanting all the different shampoos and lotions into one bottle and cutting up our massive India guide book! Went to check out of the guesthouse only to find the restaurant area, where the manager is usually based, closed. Having had a few issues with booking.com recently, we wanted to make sure we had a receipt for our stay. Also, we weren’t really sure what to do with the room key. The lady at the shop opposite started shouting into the complex and a taxi driver tried ringing the manager on his mobile. About 10 minutes later, he turned up only to disappear again on the back of his scooter to get the receipt we requested 5 days ago. Finally checked out, we headed down to the beach shack where we had arranged to meet Clare for lunch. She had literally arrived minutes before us having run up the beach from her hotel. Tried to have something substantial to eat as we knew we’d be on a night bus later but my stomach still wasn’t feeling great so I had omelette and chips – which was delicious and just what I needed. Jayne’s sweet and sour chicken wasn’t as good as it had been on New Years Eve but it still filled a hole! Walked down the road towards the bus stop where we all said an emotional goodbye to each other. Fortunately the bus arrived quickly otherwise I might have dissolved into a massive puddle of sweat and tears. Got about 1km down the road before a group of about ten 20-something year old Indian men jumped on the bus. Clearly about to miss a train, they obviously gave the bus conductor and driver enough money to turn our bus into an express ride off its normal route to get to the railway station. Slightly uncomfortable and bumpy especially as I seemed to have a bucket full of water under my seat?!? The group of guys got to the station within 10 minutes and seemed pretty happy as they threw their luggage off the bus onto the pavement. Much slower journey after that to Margao and then we caught the direct shuttle bus to Panjim. Got a text from Clare that made me a bit weepy again although it could have also been the breeze from the open window… Had a couple of hours to kill at the main bus station which we did by making up lists of our favourite places in alphabetical order. We also tried an adjective version based on the guys being pervy around us! Got our Volvo bus to Bangalore at 18.30pm and the first stop?? Margao bus station!! We hadn’t needed to drag ourselves to the North Goa bus station after all!! Settled into our seats after I told the woman in front that her young son needed to stop pinching and hitting me as he ran up and down the aisle. Jayne fell asleep (think she might have the tummy bug that I had this morning) whilst I did some reading about Sri Lanka ready for when we go on 27th January.

Tuesday 5th January 2016

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