Bangalore – day 91

The night bus was surprisingly painless however neither of us slept very well. Jayne broke out in a cold sweat a few times and I just froze my arse off with the over powering air conditioning – my fleece unfortunately packed away at the bottom of my rucksack stored underneath the bus… Won’t make that mistake again!! Arrived in Bangalore around 7am and slowly wandered through the streets to our hotel. The streets changed quite a bit during our 5km walk – near the station was the ‘whole-sellers’ selling flowers and fruit to the street vendors who then set up their stalls further into town. As Jayne was feeling a bit sick and I was still feeling sorry for myself because I had to say goodbye to Clare we decided to treat ourselves to a McDonalds breakfast. Two egg and sausage (chicken) McMuffins, hash browns, coffee and some hot cakes (pancakes) later, we weren’t feeling any better so we headed to the hotel to check in and take a much needed nap. I managed about an hour before I woke up and, since Jayne was still fast asleep, I headed out to the reception area to use the wifi. When Jayne woke up, we flicked around on the TV, which had cable and found a channel playing old American chick flick films. Watched ‘Wild Child’ and a couple of episodes of ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ before heading out to dinner. Tried the hotel restaurant first as the menu they left in the room looked good, plus they served alcohol. However, the music was so incredibly loud that there was no way that either of us could stay and eat so we left the building!! Walked down the road and found a Punjab restaurant. Had a really nice meal and got some extra brownie points from the manager when we offered to move tables so that a large family group could be seated straight away. Walked back down the road past all the vegetable stalls and watched women shell piles of broad beans. Headed back to the hotel where we Skype-called both sets of parents and wasted some time of Facebook before going to bed.

Wednesday 6th January 2016

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