Travelling – day 97

Had a lazy morning, abusing the hotel wifi again to do mundane tasks such as paying my tax bill (yuck!!). Ordered breakfast to the room again and spent the morning slowly packing up our stuff whilst being distracted by Masterchef Asia – I was filling Jayne I’m on all the gossip from yesterday’s show and predicting which chef was going to be eliminated. Have gotten far too into the programme having only seen it the day before. Had a bit of a nightmare checking out and trying to convince the hotel manager that we needed to pay for three pieces of laundry, not one! Managed to get it all sorted and then confused him further by asking for a receipt. Ten minutes later, we were heading out to the bus station. Negotiated the streets/sewers easier than when we arrived and got there quite quickly, if not very sweaty! We also fortunately didn’t see anyone being tattooed in the street side tattoo stand like we did the day before… Asked at the enquiry desk how to get to Kumbakonam and we had a choice to make!! We could either wait two hours for a direct bus or we could get on a bus immediately to a town close to our destination and then change. Decided that we would both prefer to be moving than sat waiting, we jumped on the bus leaving straight away. An uneventful bus journey and three hours later we were at a bus station in the middle of nowhere being pointed in the right direction for our next bus. Worried that our bags were going to be a problems based on how many people were getting onto each bus, I basically curled up into a little ball and put both backpacks under my feet.

IMG_5081Clearly didn’t need to as no one wanted to sit next us! As we pulled away from the bus stand, we watched the bus in front of us tip precariously with the amount of people hanging out of the door. As we turned the corner, we realised that some people weren’t even (technically) in the bus… Just holding on the the window bars and letting their feet drag on the floor! Arrived in Kumbakonam and carried each other’s backpacks to the hotel as Jayne’s back was hurting – my rucksack has better back support and is (slightly) lighter!! Dumped our bags and headed back out to get some dinner. Found a brilliant fast food restaurant called ‘Dosa Plaza’ which sells pretty much every type of Indian dish. Our waiter for the evening was clearly the Indian version of Igor and, after trying to order thali or tandoori, was most apologetic to tell us that the chef that cooks those dishes wasn’t in and we could only have dosa. Used this to our advantage by ordering the most obscure dosas we could find… Roasted garlic dosa, chowmein dosa and a roast salad dosa.  They were all amazing!! Especially the roast salad dosa that basically was filled with coleslaw and cheese!! Ordered a second one to share (cause we were being greedy!) and waddled back to the hotel, with bellies stretched to bursting!!

Tuesday 12th January 2016

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