Travelling – day 100

Wow. 100 days of travelling. 100 days in India. 100 days of Jayne not killing anyone (even though we’ve come close on several occasions!). 100 days of writing this blog, having never before been able to keep a diary for more than a couple of days! I would love to say that day 100 of our journey was an exciting day… But it wasn’t! We were up at 5am and we went to bed, shattered, by 8.30pm. I would love to say that we pampered ourselves, even just a little bit… But we didn’t! We sat on a bus for 11 hours squashed next to a wide variety of sweaty people (ourselves included!). I’d love to say it was one bus… But it wasn’t – it was five! I’d also love to say that the buses were comfortable and pleasant to be on… But they weren’t. They were clearly sent and driven by Satan, with a furnace included as his luggage! More frustratingly, the nicest bus was the last one – the final hour long journey to reach our destination rather than the cramped 7 hour hell on bus number two!! Equally annoyingly, each time we got off a bus at the connecting bus stand, the next bus we needed was just ready to leave which meant we literally got off one bus to walk 5 metres and then climbed on the next bus. So painful in fact that I even shed a small tear when the bus conductor called our next destination the exact moment my foot hit the tarmac when we got off the penultimate bus.


Friday 15th January 2016

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