Kumily – day 109

Woke up with no alarms and decided to have a chilled out day, relaxing the hammocks on the rooftop. We ate the left over bread and pastry goodies that we had been given during yesterday’s hike for breakfast and drank copious amounts of water and Sprite as we sprawled out. As I caught up on writing and uploading blogs, Jayne got busy organising routes and making plans for Sri Lanka. Slightly mad moment when Qatar airlines sent me an email asking for my passport and bank details – which resulted in several emails and Skype phone calls to verify that it was, in fact, a genuine request. Managed to get verification and sent off the required documents with minutes to spare of their 48 hour time frame! Were joined on the rooftop by a couple of lads – I thought they were German, Jayne reckons they were Polish. Either way, they looked truly pissed off that we were sitting in two out of the three hammocks. We chatted about what we wanted to see in Sri Lanka and the islands we wanted to visit in the Maldives. Jayne also looked up some dive centres in both places. I popped down to the toilet and when I came back, one of the guys had taken my hammock – apparently literally jumping in it as soon as my head had disappeared down the staircase. Jayne was all for me demanding it back but I decided to be the bigger person – so much so that they both looked incredibly shocked when one of them went downstairs and his hammock was still vacant when he returned – fuckers!! Went up to the next level of the rooftop to watch the bats fly over head again.   It is absolutely amazing to see so many bats fly together in such a neat and tidy way! Went back to the Coffee Garden for dinner – there aren’t many restaurants in Kumily and out of the ones we have tried, it has far and above been the best so didn’t want to try the only other restaurant left. Having not eaten all day (albeit some crisps) we had a feast of cucumber salad, bruschetta and vegetable lasagne before rolling back to the guest house. Sunday 24th January 2016

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