Traveling – day 127

Decided to get up early to try and beat the worst of the heat travelling back to Colombo. Had a quick breakfast of omelette and toast before saying goodbye to Simon, Joy and Jo. Got a TukTuk the 3km down the road (feeling very lazy this morning!!) and waited at the bus stop. Jayne decided to perch on the wall, which brought back memories of ‘bush is down’ from Cuba.  Didn’t have to wait too long and then we we’re hurtling down the road towards Pulaviya Junction. Knew we needed to catch the blue bus (which is the ‘express’ bus) from there to Colombo. As we got off the bus, we saw it pass in the opposite direction and stop 100m down the road at the bus stop. A sprint with our luggage and we were stood on the bus, heading to Colombo – best transit time ever!! Managed to both get a seat after a while, although not next to each other, so I was forced to endure the come-on from a local man who, after saying he didn’t like piercings or tattoos, claimed I was ‘so beautiful’. Slightly put him off when I told him that ‘God’ wasn’t my number one and was incredibly glad when he got off the bus, especially since pretending to sleep didn’t stop him being irritating!! Arrived in Colombo and got on another bus to get us closer to the hotel. In the two weeks since we were here, the heat has increased dramatically!! Checked into the hostel and Jayne went off in a TukTuk to sort out the international driving license whilst I got started on our massive pile of washing (love the fact that Clock Inn let me pay to use their washing machine – such a luxury and our clothes actually smell clean!!). Turns out that Jayne has to go to a different office, so she’ll have to go there tomorrow morning. Decided to treat ourselves to Burger King (and actual, real beef burgers!!) and a trip to the cinema.  Saw ‘The Revernent’ with Leo Dicaprio. Whilst it is not my kind of film, the acting was pretty good even if I did have to cover my eyes at several points due to the graphic fight scenes. Got back to the hostel where Jayne fell fast asleep. I, on the other hand, had been so disturbed by the film I couldn’t sleep. Ending up messaging Narae for a while before the Internet died and I fell into a restless sleep of violent nightmares – only going to watch chick flicks from now on!!!

Thursday 11th February 2016

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