Colombo – day 128

Set our alarms early so that Jayne could get to the department of motor traffic early to sort out her temporary Sri Lanka driving license. We had breakfast together at the hostel before she headed off and I started on my long list of doing more washing, sorting our visas and Internet bank jobs. Got quite a lot done before I could get no further (apparently you can’t apply for a Sri Lankan transit visa when you’re actually in Sri Lanka – damn URL!!). Started messaging Tracey when a guy at the hostel decided to start chatting to me. It became quite weird, quite quickly (I clearly have a face that attracts weirdos!!) so I made my excuses and went to hide in our dorm until Jayne got back. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long as she retuned with her new Sri Lankan driving license and lunch! Ate our (incredibly) spicy chicken kottu before Jayne had a little nap and I read some of my book. Headed into central Colombo to buy snorkels and masks ready for the Maldives before stopping at the train station to check times and prices for our trip to Galle on Sunday. Decided that neither of us wanted to wander around in the heat much longer so we got on a bus and went back to the hostel to finish off our list of jobs. Jayne managed to get side tracked by a Czech guy who was having computer difficulties whilst I was completing jobs and keeping an eye out for the creep from earlier. Headed to bed once all our jobs were done, feeling strangely proud of what we had accomplished. Both feeling excited about collecting Nicola from the airport tomorrow and starting our tour of south Sri Lanka. 

Friday 12th February 2016

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