Hikkaduwa – day 138

Woke up early, without alarms, and decided to head out to Hikkaduwa marine National Park again before it go too hot. Lathered both of us with water resistant sun cream and, stopping at the nearby shop to buy some more sweet bread, we headed down to the beach. Had a breakfast of Milo’s and bread, which gave the local dive staff a bit of a giggle – apparently it is their breakfast of choice too!! Headed back out to sea to snorkel around the big rocks – much the same marine life as yesterday with some baby yellow zebra fish (Sergeant Majors) and some unusual fish that even Jayne had never seen before (or knew their name!!).   Swam past massive shoals of parrot fish which are the biggest ones I think I have ever seen. Saw a couple of cuttlefish, pipefish and a shoal of a type of barracuda. Headed back to shore when we began to feel tired, swimming past tourists in a fishing boat, clearly surprised that you didn’t need to be rowed the 500m to the snorkelling site. Headed back to the guesthouse to get out of the midday sun and do some jobs ready for our flight tomorrow to the Maldives. I got to Skype Clare for the first time in nearly two months so we had a good two hour chat!! Sorted out our bags, reshuffling all the shampoo/conditioner/sun cream that we had bought or stolen from Nicola!! Headed back out to the beach to walk along the coastline, stopping further down to watch a kite surfer zip back and forth through the waves and sitting down to watch the sun set again. Not as spectacular as last night but I’m not complaining – even obscured by clouds, it was still beautiful.     A touch of retail therapy to buy bikinis ready for the Maldives before finding a roti restaurant for dinner. Ate far too much(!) – as this restaurant uses the rotis like wraps. Had a chicken, cheese, tomato and garlic roti (which was so good, we ordered a second one!), an avocado, cheese and tomato roti and, because it was our last night in Sri Lanka, we ordered our favourite chicken and cheese kottu. Feeling very full, it was nice that we had a little 2km walk back to the guesthouse to burn off some of that food! Packed our bags and climbed into bed, both shattered from too much sea and sun!

Monday 22nd February 2016

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