Dhiffushi – day 142

Having missed out on our early snorkel yesterday, we forced ourselves out of bed this morning at the crack of dawn and were in the water as the sun was rising. Decided to head to the other side of the island so we went into the water fully clothed (you can only wear swim wear on the tourist stretch of beach). Snorkelled out over the marine grasses and into the deep channel. Jayne saw a flash of a shark like shape so kept snorkelling after I headed back in to do some core strength exercises and go for a run. Whilst I was sweltering on the beach, Jayne spotted 3 juvenile reef sharks in the water. After a while, Jayne got out and we headed back to the reef over on the tourist beach. Headed back to the hotel after nearly 3 hours for a quick rinse off before heading up to the roof top for breakfast. A traditional Maldivian breakfast of tuna with coconut and roti – it was divine!  The rest of the day was spent chilling out, looking at the video footage of the mornings snorkel and reading vast quantities of trashy novels! Went to watch the sunset and were mesmerised as the storm clouds quickly rolled in – a stark contrast to the blue skies.    Saw a few of the locals quickly try to moor their boats, clearly not used to docking up on that side of the island. Crossed over to the other side to see the rain and wind hit the other side of the island. Saw a local struggling to get his jet ski out of the water so we ran into the water to help him – Jayne and him holding it steady whilst I scooped out water as we waited for his friend to turn up with the trailer. Managed to get it out of the water only then to look for the key in the water. We’d been searching for about 5 minutes when the guy ‘found’ the key – think he actually had it in his pocket and didn’t realise it! Headed back to the same tea shop for dinner but got the feeling we weren’t particularly welcome so we headed to the islands other tea shop where we were greeted with a much friendly welcome! Had a very random conversation with our ‘waiter’ about the British Royal family and which countries made up the United Kingdom – not easy when his English was slightly shaky!! Headed back to the hotel (via a quick swing in one of the many hammocks scattered around the island) to watch some TV. 

Friday 26th February 2016

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