Guraidhoo – day 148

Very unsettled sleep from both of us, tossing, turning and generally fighting full force with the sheets and pillows as they tried (and succeeded) to attack us!! Woke up both feeling a bit bleary eyed and headed out for breakfast. A bit of a cold shoulder from staff, who clearly were still cross about our complaint last night. Ate breakfast with slight nervousness about what may have been added to our tuna coconut breakfast or coffee – rat poison, paint thinner or spit being top three of the long list of possibilities!! Whatever it was, we didn’t die so we headed back to our room. A very overcast day with a chance of torrential thunderstorms – the dive centre owner showed us his warning text message from the Maldivian Met office – above which was a tsunami warning from the previous day… When we asked his what it meant, he said ‘it’s a yellow warning – when it’s red, we worry!’ Didn’t fill us with much confidence that our guesthouse owner would follow the instructions of ‘keep your guests safe’!! Anyway, spent the morning catching up on blog writing, Facebook and emails. As it still looked like it was going to downpour at any moment, we decided to hang out inside and watch the third Hobbit film.   Ventured outside late afternoon when the sun came out, to sit on the dock, reading our books. Jayne went on a micro walk around the sand bank, picking up litter as she went which prompted a local man and his grandson to do the same. Headed back to the dive centre to organise some more diving for Jayne tomorrow – I’ve been offered a chance to hang out on the boat and visit a snorkelling site so it is a win all round for both of us. Showered and headed back to Rip Tide for dinner.  Played UNO with the dive centre owner whilst we waited for our food (which made it harder for Jayne to win every hand!!). Ate Maldivian fish curry and special fried rice before heading into ‘town’ to treat ourselves to ice cream before going back to the atmosphere at Coral Heaven…

Thursday 3rd March 2016

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