Travelling & Fulidhoo – day 151

Jayne woke up early and caught up on some much needed Candy Crush whilst I snoozed (like a warthog) in bed next to her. I woke up at 7am with the alarm which, in all honesty, I wanted to throw against the wall having woken me up from the first decent nights sleep in a while!! We got up, showered, dressed and packed our bags whilst we waited for breakfast. Told the hotel manager that we needed to leave at 9am to catch the ferry to Fulidhoo. Still having not arrived by 8.57am, so we headed downstairs to tell him not to worry… He wasn’t even there! So we started walking to the ferry port via the supermarket to get the frozen mince needed for tonight’s dinner. Bumped into the Rip Tide (Guraidhoo) owner just as we were getting close to the port who had come to Male’ to, finally, see a dentist about his tooth ache! Got on a rather full ferry which fortunately had no windows unlike the previous two we had taken so there was a lovely breeze which made the ferry ride bearable. The ferry was full of Chinese tourists who were taking so many photos of themselves at the front of the boat that the ferry crew had to tell them to sit down so the skipper could see where he was going. We were sat next to a gorgeous Maldivian baby who kept grabbing my t-shirt and make faces. The Chinese tourists and my new friend got off at the first island Maafushi (after a few photos of me and Jayne with the baby on mum’s phone) before we had another 2 hours on a much quieter ferry. I laid down for a bit of a snooze whilst Jayne took out her iPad to play some more Candy Crush. Out of nowhere, a little Maldivian girl plonked herself down next to Jayne and watched her with avid fascination. Jayne ended up passing her the iPad and spent the rest of the journey watching her play every game that was downloaded on the iPad and buying extra items with all Jayne’s hard earned ‘tokens’.  The arrival into Fulidhoo was pretty spectacular – as it is situated in a lagoon the ferry has to sail around the outside for a bit before heading in which allowed us to see the white sand beach and turquoise waters that surrounds the entire island. Got off the ferry and was greeted by our Airbnb owner who showed us to the flat we had rented. A perfectly small flat with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and dining room – Jayne was excited to actually cook for the first time in over five months!! I unpacked our bags as Jayne scoped out the utensils in the kitchen before we headed off to explore the island. A very small island although the school has 21 teachers… With an average class size of 5 children apparently! Managed to walk around the entire coast in less than 30 minutes so zigzagged up and down the streets checking out the little supermarkets and counting the ridiculous number of souvenir shops!  Got an ice cream and sat by the waters edge watching the world go by.  Heading back to the flat so I could change into my bikini and Jayne could grab the eReader before we headed over to the tourist beach section. I pottered around in the water for ages whilst Jayne read LOTR (it’s a contest to see who will finish it first – she is winning at the moment!!). Watched the sunset before heading back to the flat for a shower. Jayne cooked an amazing spaghetti bolognese on a single hob burner.   Was really nice having a home cooked familiar meal.    Washed up the dishes (I haven’t missed that!!) before climbing into bed to watch the rest of ‘X-Men’. 

Sunday 6th March 2016

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