Fulidhoo – day 152

Jayne made the most incredible eggy bread this morning that got devoured with a little bit of chocolate spread (clearly we’re going to put on all the weight we’ve lost this week!!). Headed over to bikini beach where we spent the morning swimming over the house reef looking at all the different marine animals – pipe fish, trigger fish, damsel fish, lobsters and a couple of massive sting rays. IMG_9743Both of us collected rubbish that floated past us as we snorkelled – mine was mainly blue plastic bags whereas Jayne managed to find fishing line and a fishing hook. Headed into the shade with our ‘rubbish’ finds and spent the next 20 minutes making ‘Barb-ara’. A homemade fishing line set! I created the bait using a piece of old thread that I shredded and wrapped around the line like a hula skirt. Our creation was complete and we spent about a hour casting ‘Barb-ara’ out to sea in the hopes of catching some fish for dinner. IMG_9724IMG_9733No such luck as the hook was clearly too heavy and the fish clearly weren’t interested in my amazing bait design (uncultured swines!!!). Decided to head back to the flat as the heat was getting pretty intense. Intended to only stay in the air conditioned sanctuary for an hour or so before heading back out but I fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon! Clearly being an artistic genius has some drawbacks!! Jayne got more of a lead in LOTR (something I’ll have to rectify over the next few days) and played Candy Crush whilst I snoozed next to her. When I finally woke up, we watched a couple episodes of ‘Friends’ before Jayne cooked dinner of spaghetti with vegetables and chicken sausages. Even the slightly burnt spaghetti was delicious!! Climbed back into bed to watch ‘X-Men 2’ before falling asleep (again!).

Monday 7th March 2016

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