Fulidhoo – day 154

Today’s job?!? To even up the appalling suntan lines that both Jayne and I have acquired over our four months of travelling – we both look ridiculous, although Jayne less so than me!! IMG_9842Headed to the beach after a superb breakfast of eggy bread and baked beans (reminded us so much of home!). Was delighted to discover bikini beach was absolutely deserted – with all the tourists clearly on the 11am ferry heading back to Male’. Meant I was more comfortable stripping down to my small bikini to even up my farmer tan!! Sat on the sun beds, alternating between reading and splashing around in the lagoon to cool off. IMG_9856Kept our eyes open for sharks and dolphins but even the massive sting ray that we’ve seen over the last few days didn’t make an appearance – just a teeny tiny lobster.IMG_9967 A quick lunch back at the flat before heading back to the beach for more sloth like activity. The sunset wasn’t as great tonight as the horizon was covered by clouds but the sky turned a lovely shade of red. IMG_9890A quick flash of a black-tipped fin had Jayne back in the water quicker than you could say ‘shark’ whilst I stayed on the shore trying to direct her in the direction of its movements. A futile attempt since it then got too dark to see anything so we headed back to the flat. Shower, home cooked dinner (rice, chicken sausages and stir fried vegetables) and both into PJ’s to watch ‘X-Men – Days of Future Past’.

Wednesday 9th March 2016

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