Travelling & Male’ – day 157

Not sure what happened but I was seriously attacked by the bedsheets last night. I clearly fought a good fight as I had completely stripped my side of the bed, burying Jayne under mounds of sheets, and awoke on the bare mattress!! Got up and ready for our 11am ferry back to Male’. Managed to squeeze in one last ‘Friends’ episode before pottering over to the ferry port. Spotted at least four massive sting rays from the side of the boat before we headed off.  Slightly foggy day which meant that it wasn’t as hot on the boat but we were still melting!!! A pretty uneventful three hour ferry ride – Jayne finished LOTR Book 1 (cow bag!!!) and I trudged through the chapters trying to catch up with her! Arrived back in Male’ and bumped into the guy who had collected us from the airport all those weeks ago! Had a quick chat before finding a nearby cafe to grab some lunch as we couldn’t buy our ferry tickets for tomorrow for 30 minutes which meant we didn’t have to come back to the ferry port after dropping our bags off at the hotel. Jayne ordered Khottu Roshi and I ordered Maldivian noodles (which were basically instant noodles with a tin of tuna mixed in!!).  Convinced the waiter to give us some chilli, even after he spent ages trying to tell us that it was ‘too hot for tourists!’. I went and got our ferry tickets, buying them from the spitting image of Rose in ‘Monsters Inc.’, before we headed to our hotel. Spent a couple of hours catching up on a weeks worth of emails before heading back into the heat… Only to find it raining!!! Headed over to our shop to buy some ‘supplies’ for the upcoming week only to find it was shut for prayer time. Went for a stroll around the streets of Male’, looking for a cinema or something to occupy our evening. Went to the fruit market and marvelled at the stench in the dried fish hall – it lingered in my nostrils for ages!! Headed back to the supermarket only to find we’d missed the small opening time window and it was now shut again for prayer. Decided to cut our loses and go to the smaller one round the corner from our hotel instead. Picked up most of the essentials along with some fruit non-alcoholic beer to go with our dinner of chicken wraps. Back at the hotel for diner, ‘Friends’ and a Skype call to Dad and Clare before collapsing in bed.

Saturday 12th March 2016

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