Travelling & Rasdhoo – day 158

Up and out of the hotel to be at the ferry port by 8.30am ready for our 9am ferry to Rasdhoo. Apparently, we were too early to have breakfast at our Male’ hotel so we munched on sweet bread rolls and slurped on Milo’s as we got ready to leave. The ferry to Rasdhoo was similar to the one that took us to Dhiffushi in that there was almost as many tourists as there were locals. The longest ferry journey we’ve had to date – 4 hours – and Jayne got chatting to the guy behind us on the ferry almost immediately. Always a bad idea when you’ve got such a long journey ahead and there isn’t really much to talk about… Cue lots of awkward silences! Especially when he lay down next to us on the bench to have a nap!! We both spent time reading – I’m still struggling through LOTR, easily distracted by the crystal clear blue sea out the window. Watched a couple of ‘Friends’ episodes on the iPad to pass the time (with Jayne’s new boyfriend/stalker watching it over our shoulders). Arrived at Rasdhoo and were collected from the port by our hotel representative. Walked through the sandy streets of the island, melting slightly in the heat – both of us rather glad that our backpacks were being brought to the hotel on a cart rather than carrying them ourselves. Arrived at the hotel and were presented with a chilled wet towel (just like the hot towels you get in restaurants at home but ice cold!). Had to really restrain myself from rubbing it all over my body!! Also got a fresh coconut to drink whilst we checked out our room and the food menu.   Had an amazing tuna khottu roti for lunch – too much in fact… I could barely move for a couple of hours!!! Had a chill out in the room digesting our massive lunch before heading over to the dive centre to organise an early morning dive for Jayne. Once it was all sorted, we headed over to bikini beach to get in the water. Snorkelled around in the lagoon shallows for ages, enjoying watching the damsel fish swim amongst the stag horn coral. Stayed the beach side of the breakers, both of us too full to attempt heading over it… Until we saw the dolphins!! Both of us navigated the waves breaking over the wall and were on the other side, swimming over massive corals and through shoals of surgeon fish towards the blue. IMG_0251Alternated between looking over the surface and under the water to see the dolphins, catching glances of them every so often as they jumped through the waters. Had to shout at Jayne as she was so focused on the dolphins that she missed the shark swimming just beneath her!! Started heading back towards the shore as the sun was setting when we spotted a turtle – definitely the best snorkel ever!! Back at the hotel for a shower and, since we were both still full from lunch, we watched some TV, munching on some snacks from the local shop, before going to bed.   Sunday 13th March 2016