Rasdhoo – day 160

Decided to have a lazy day today, especially as Jayne had clearly shattered herself doing four dives yesterday (and probably gave herself nightmares from the night dive – I was scared just watching the video footage!!). Had breakfast at the hotel before heading back to our room to watch an episode of ‘Friends’ before heading to the beach. Found a couple of semi broken beach chairs in the shade which we plonked ourselves down on and read our books.   I finally finished LOTR – The Fellowship of the Ring – don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to finish a book!! Have a feeling that this New Years resolution to read Jayne’s favourite book is going to be painful… Should definitely have chosen a harder (and longer) book for her!! Headed into the water for a quick cool off and a long snorkel around the house reef – the tide was too low for us to get over the breaker so we swam around inside the lagoon, looking at the tiny fish and stag horn coral.   Headed back to the hotel for a peanut butter and blueberry jam sandwich before heading back out to our shady reading spot. Jayne is already flying through LOTR – The Two Towers but I can’t bring myself to start it yet so entertained myself with some trashy book instead!   Spent the last two hours of daylight snorkelling the other side of the breaker – spent ages following a turtle along the reef and we saw two black tipped reef sharks – absolutely stunning, if not a little bit TOO big.   Went for a stroll around the island, sitting on the dock for a while watching boats come into the harbour. We saw a boat leave and return having only headed out about a kilometre out to sea and then unloading empty wheelie bins… Jayne has imagined the worst but I can’t quite believe that they are allowed to dump rubbish in the ocean like that. Headed back to the hotel via the beach, where Jayne stood in the water trying to get the phosphorescent plankton to shine but there was too much light from the moon to see it clearly (Ah… First world problems!!!). Ate dinner and then climbed into bed to watch ‘Mission Impossible 3’. 

Tuesday 15th March 2016

One thought on “Rasdhoo – day 160

  1. you lovelies OK? not heard from you in nearly a month!!! xx miss knowing how it’s going and a little worried too! gxx


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