Rasdhoo – day 161

Another perfectly lazy day. Started off with a traditional Maldivian breakfast of tuna, coconut, red onion and roshi washed down with coffee and fresh fruit juice followed by more fruit than we could wave a stick at!!!   Headed over to the beach (the long way – if that’s even possible on an island this size!) and saw a couple of grey moray eels swimming around in the shallows as well as a few fish. Resumed our positions on the semi-broken beach chairs in the shade. Went for a snorkel straight away to cool down after our walk to the beach – it was that hot!!!  Stayed inside the breakers and swam around avoiding the giant trigger fish before heading in when we felt we were slightly cooking in the sun. Sat in the shade, reading our books, and I was revelling in the fact that I don’t have to read LOTR!! I finished 2 books whilst sat in the shade – clearly absorbing then so quickly since they weren’t ridiculously long winded and heavy. Went back into the water for a second snorkel, heading over to the over side of the breakers.   Slightly strange current that made the water uncomfortably warm in some sections and freezing cold in others! Headed back to the hotel for a lunch of peanut butter and jam sandwiches before heading back out to the beach for more laziness and snorkelling. Back at the hotel for a shower before going to the dive centre to organise some diving for tomorrow. Had planned to go somewhere different for dinner but, after walking around the island, we ended up back at the hotel… Mainly cause neither of us could make a conscious decision about what we wanted to eat. A power cut in the hotel meant we had dinner by candlelight… So romantic!! Two very spicy tuna kotthu roshi later, with enough fruit for pudding to sink a ship, and we headed for bed. 

Wednesday 16th March 2016

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