Male’ – day 165

So, we were up early and getting ourselves ready for the meeting at 10:30. What meeting? Well,  some of you may recall all the way back in Guraidhoo I was diving with a gentleman called Kuday, the owner of the dive centre. The semi-retired local legend is looking to expand his operation and needed people to make it happen. It just so happened that Katherine and I were on the island at the time of his instructor packing it in for a resort island job and he is desperate to see the place take off so he can visit his son for 3months at a time in the Czech Republic. We were there at the right time, right place. But, we wouldn’t be prepared to start until September. That coincides with the start of the high season so we kicked a few ideas around and he wanted to have a meeting back in Malé away from business distractions. The meeting – to burst a bubble for anyone already looking at SkyScanner flights – was a disaster. The B&B owner turned up with the gentleman whom collects and shepherds people back and forth between airport and ferry terminals. Kuday was indisposed and none of the questions we had asked were being answered with any conviction or authority. Ah well, so close!

After the long, boring, tiring meeting Katherine had a snooze and I watched a film. Someone woke up full of beans, Face Time’d Tracey in Oz and still had energy for a walk. Thus, we meandered down more random streets ending up at the Tsunami Memorial Park which has only recently been relocated. The structure is simple and nice, especially arriving by ferry when, as passing, the sun makes the monument shimmer in greys and silvers.Continuing along the south side of the capital island we drooled at the speed boats, yachts and military rigid hull inflatable boats. We also passed quite a few JCB’s repairing and extending the breaker wall – creating their own little island to go further along – and generally just marvelling at how they work in such a haphazard fashion. We spent a long time on the wall by the public swimming pool. The lads on the breaker were fishing away merrily, the workers from up the road (constructing the bridge to the airport) were finishing work and passing by exhausted, and kids and adults alike were pushing each other in to the water off the pontoon and generally have a whale of a time. We couldn’t help but laugh at a few of the instances and it was a very chilled out evening with the sun setting quietly behind the clouds. Trying to be somewhat repentative for being over budget (curse you awesome diving sites) we went shopping for dinner. A very humble meal of luncheon meat wraps with garlic sauce, cheese and a side salad of sweet corn and kidney beans, washed down with cranberry fruit beer (non-alcoholic) and we were…stuffed.    Early to bed for Katherine, coz’ we may have had a dive meeting this morning, but she has other plans for paradise…

Sunday 20th March 2016

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