Travelling – day 168

A painful wait until 4am for our flight to Doha, made slightly worse by having to wait over an hour for the completely hopeless check in staff to work through the massive line of customers. Jayne was particularly excited to see the new “Star Wars” film on the TV sets (suddenly all her tiredness was gone!). I promptly passed out only to be woken up by the kid in front singing nursery rhymes – to her parents delight! But not mine as it was 6am… When have parents stopped telling their kids to shut up? A swift and easy connection in Doha for our flight to Kathmandu. Had a 2nd breakfast (the same as the previous flight!) and both watched films. Had organised a transfer with the hotel, so were collected at the airport and got to experience the chaos of Kathmandu from the sanctuary of the car! Headed out into the tourist area after dropping out bags off, going to the ATM and trying to get our bearings. Headed to a recommended restaurant where we had a mixture of Nepalese food & watched traditional dancing by candlelight.Early night since we were both exhausted.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

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