Kathmandu – day 169

Woke up early and I enjoyed a surprisingly hot shower! Unfortunately, all the hot water seemed to be gone when Jayne got in… oops! Had breakfast at the hotel before heading to the tourist information centre to organise our TIMS Cards and permits. Got to be nosey on everyone else’s treks – all much shorter time wise but seem ambitious with the distance…? Went to the bus station (after a slight delay as a guy stole my pen!!). Got our tickets for Saturday to Bhandar and then treated ourselves to Momo’s at the bus station… 90NPR for 10 (about 60p – I’m in heaven!!).   Wandered back to the hotel to sort through our bags and work out what we still need to buy for our trek. Headed out to price a few items so we had a vague idea of the haggling price before heading to a restaurant called “Momo Star” for dinner. We had Nepalese soup and a plate of Momo’s each – Jayne’s buffalo ones were amazing.  Found a bakery on the way home which was reducing its stock in 45mins – but we couldn’t wait – the donuts looked delicious much to the disappointment of the tourist waiting for 9:30pm…

Thursday 24th March 2016

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