Kathmandu – day 170

Both of us woke up slightly snotty – think the pollution is aggravating us (especially after the Maldives). Had breakfast at the hotel before heading to the bank as the ATM yesterday declined the transaction but still took the money from my account! A slightly stressful 30 minutes explaining and filling out forms (clearly this happens a lot!!!) before we headed to the tourist area to buy our last pieces of trekking gear. Dropped it all off at the hotel and then spent the rest of the afternoon sorting and packing our stuff – both our hiking bags but also organising and reshuffling all the stuff that we are leaving at the hotel in Kathmandu. Headed out for an early dinner back at Momo Star – for more Momo’s obviously!!  Jayne got sweet and sour chicken and spring rolls. Another stop off at the bakery for desert and to grab some banana cake for our long bus journey tomorrow.  A quick check of emails & FB (for the last time in a long while) before finishing watching LOTR – The Fellowship of the Ring in bed, munching on our donuts.

Friday 25th March 2016

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