Travelling – day 171

  1. Start: Kathmandu @ 06:00 (1,400m)

End: Bhandar @ 16:44 (2,200m)

Distance: 221km

A horribly early 4am start to get to the bus station for 5:30am. A hideous 10hr 45min on a very dusty bus, with 3 toilet stops (only one of which was utilisable by women – unless you were happy to flash the entire bus and several goats!!). Both of us had to get off the bus at Jiri to sign our name in the tourist register – clearly the Canadian tourist onboard looked too much like a local to bother having to sign his name. Arrived at Bhandar and chose a different tea house to the Canadian – got to spread the love (aka money). Ordered dinner and went for a walk in the village, trying to work out which route we needed to take in the morning. Delicious Momo’s and Dal Bhat for dinner before going to bed early – washing the dust off my feet and brushing it out of our hair before climbing in to bed.

 Saturday 26th March 2016

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