Trekking – day 172

Start: Banti Bhandar @ 07:00 (2,200m)

End: Sete @16:10 (2,520m)

Distance: 18.3km

Woke up with the rest of the tea house as day was breaking – thanks to the ridiculously loud cockerel! Ate porridge and set off following the path and asking for directions when we saw someone.   Spotted a horrible looking suspension bridge which Jahne was adamant that we had to cross. Fortunately, a woman came out of her house to point is in the right direction!! Descended for about 3hours, just below a forest fire – the advice from the local was be careful of rock fall!! Weren’t too concerned until we saw 2 local women rush past looking petrified.  Signed in at the checkpoint & had a cup of tea before starting our gruelling, near vertical ascent for the remainder of the day. Quick drink stop to play with the puppy. Arrived at a tea house and had one of the coldest showers imaginable. Dinner & chatted to another Trekker before snuggling in to bed.

Sunday 27th March 2016

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