Trekking – day 175

Start: Nunthala @ 06:45 (2,220m)

End: Bupsa @ 14:40 (2,360m)

Distance: 16.3km

Our tea house owner didn’t seem particularly keen on getting out of bed to serve us breakfast, so after waiting for 15minutes, we decided to get breakfast en route. A steep descent for about 2 hours, narrowly avoiding a local woman walking her Yak (which Jayne was allowed to stroke… carefully with the woman holding his horns!). Stopped at the bottom of the valley for some noodles before crossing a suspension bridge and beginning our ascent.  Clearly physically and mentally exhausted, it was really tough for me – Jayne continues to be a superstar!! Had a second breakfast of porridge at 11am and continued our trek. Reached the summit around midday before gradually descending to a 109m suspension bridge!!  A gruelling climb to our village – stopping to let more donkeys pass. Had a restful afternoon washing our incredibly stinky clothes before having dinner and going to bed.

Wednesday 30th March 2016

One thought on “Trekking – day 175

  1. So great to be reading all these, even a month after you were trekking..and what a distance each day, the accomplishment is inspiring you two wee full on fitness ( yes, you will be now!) beauties xx

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