Trekking – day 176

Start: Bupsa @ 6.45 (2,360m)

End: Chaurikharka @ 18.00 (2,072m)

Distance: 21.16km

Quite possibly the most mentally tough day that we have had so far. The route today began with an incredibly slippery downhill climb, dodging wet rocks and pools of muddy water whilst navigating the narrow paths next to vertical drop offs down the side of the mountain. Fog came in around midday to hide the near embedding doom but it made it even eerier.   Climbed up for a bit, coming to a town where it began to pour with rain. Took shelter in one of the tea lodges, having a hot chocolate and vegetable fried noodles whilst our backs were steaming in the heat.   The rain didn’t stop so we had to continue our descent on the afore mentioned slippery trail with the added joy of rain… Got about 1.5km away from our planned destination before I decided to call a halt to walking and find a tea lodge for dinner and bed. 

Thursday 31st March 2016

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