Trekking – day 177

Chaurikharka @ 7.20 (2,072m)

End: Namche Bazare @ 17.30 (3,440m)

Distance: 21.49km

A slightly loud night due to the Chinese tourist in the room next door and his unusual bed noises(!) and we had the nicest porridge ever before setting off. A rapid walk to our original destination point for yesterday and we were officially on the ‘Mickey Mouse’ trail for EBC – marked noticeably by the increase in shops and prices!!! A very nice trek today that took us through lots of villages and across several suspension bridges. Replaced our walking bamboo sticks with some proper walking poles.    Stopped for a hot lemon and some Nak cheese before entering the Sagarmatha National Park (our 1st UNESCO site in Nepal!).     A 3-hour climb uphill to Namche Bazare with a horrific suspension bridge dangling over a gorge. The added horror of being chased by Yaks across it, over 100m in the air, resulted in me bursting into tears when I reached the other side. Ate a Yak steak for dinner to feel better – karma!!

Friday 1st April 2016

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