Namche Bazare (rest day) – day 179

Didn’t have the most proactive of mornings… In fact, with Jayne not feeling well, I used it as the perfect excuse to be lazy!!   Took our time getting ready and then headed into the ‘town’ to get some breakfast. Found a little cafe that served proper coffee and also had wifi!! A quick email and Facebook check before eating and heading back to the hotel so Jayne could sleep. Spent the rest of the day reading my book and making sure that Jayne was drinking enough fluids when she was awake. Turns out the the whole hotel has been booked out by a French film company who are shooting a film called ‘L’Ascension’.   Got chatting to the sound guy who told me it is about a black man who climbs to the top of Everest to prove his love for a woman!! Turns out, they are only filming until base camp in Nepal. All the higher mountain scenes are going to be done in the Alps!! Forced Jayne to eat some plain fried rice at dinner before heading to bed. Was just about to fall asleep when Jayne began to throw up everything that she has consumed in the past 24 hours…

Sunday 3rd April 2016

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