Namche Bazare (rest day) – day 180

Surprisingly, Jayne woke up feeling much better. Clearly last nights vomit-fest got rid of whatever bacteria that was bothering her! Got a knock on the door at 8am – turns out the film crew needed another room so we had to move to a different tea lodge. Got to have a free hot shower (clearly the perks of being part of a film crew) before we left. Went to one of the SherpaLand hotel owners friends lodge but not sure if she really wanted the business… Certainly didn’t make us feel very welcome!!! Went for a walk around the ‘town’ and up to the viewpoint to see if both of us were ready and up to moving on tomorrow.   Got some gloves for us and a knee support for me (the descents are murdering my knee caps!!) before heading to a local cafe for tea and cake. They were showing a film called ‘Sherpa’ which we stayed and watched – a documentary about expeditions to the summit of Everest from the Sherpas point of view. Put both of us off ever wanting to climb it!!! Back at the tea lodge for UNO and dinner before bed. 

Monday 4th April 2016

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