Trekking – day 181

Start: Namche Bazare @ 6.55 (3,440m)

End: Tengboche @ 13.55 (3,860m)

Distance: 13.3km

Left Twara lodge without having breakfast after being told that since we were the only guests they didn’t want to have to wake up early! Took this as a sign to get moving early and eat on the trail. Bumped into some of the film crew using a drone to film the scenery. The first part of the trail was surprisingly flat – a joy since I was carrying the big bag.   Porridge and tea after about 2 hours walking before we descended into the bottom of the gorge. Crossing another bloody suspension bridge, passing hydro powered prayer wheels before we were climbing vertically uphill towards Tengboche.   Decided to follow the porters and ended up on a ridiculously tough path (the one NOT recommend in the Lonely Planet guide!). My knee gave out half way up so Jayne and I swapped bags as I hobbled the rest of the way. Treated ourselves to hot chocolate and cake/apple pie when we finally arrived.   We then visited the town monastery – got to sit inside whilst the monks were chanting, all huddled under individual meditation duvets!! Back at the hotel and a battle of UNO (Jayne won) before I attempted to clean my feet – an impossible task – before bed. 

Jayne’s Footnote:

(Sung in the style of: ‘I want candy’)

I know a girl who’s tough ‘n’ strong,

Carries the bag – all day long,

Calves of steel and buns so pert,

Trips on nothing as she walks!

I love Katherine, dom dom dom dm dom

I love Katherine, dom dom dom dm dom. 

Tuesday 5th April 2016

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