Trekking – day 182

Start: Tengboche @ 9.20 (3,860m)

End: Dingboche @ 14.50 (4,410m)

Distance: 14.5km

And the French film crew strike again!! We were supposed to have a rest day in Tengboche (according to the guide book) but they have booked out the entire tea lodge so we had to leave! Decided to walk until we felt tired or until we reached our next designated town of Dingboche.   A relatively pain free walk today although both of us have finally begun to feel the effects of altitude – I am certainly slower (if that is even possible) and both of us had moment today when our heads felt a little fuzzy. Arrived in Dingboche just as it began to snow!   Found a tea lodge and after warming up with hot lemon and some Tibetian bread with jam, we walked around the village trying to find a phone signal. Headed up to the ridge above the village and had the most amazing view. An early dinner, some map work and a game of battleships before bed. 

Wednesday 6th April 2016

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