Trekking – day 187

Start: Gorak Shep @ 13.37. (5,140m)

End: Dughla @ 16.46 (4,620m)

Distance: 9.8km

A slightly painful start to our trek back down the valley, scaling the difficult landscape as the previous day without the added anticipation / adrenaline of seeing EBC. Passed several trekkers en route going towards Gorak Shep who were clearly struggling – I felt sorry for them as this part of the trail is really tough.   Made it back to Lobuche relatively quickly and bumped into a Chilean man who was part of the ‘Seniors to the Summit’ team. Chatted to him for a bit before continuing our descent to Dughla. Bumped into the French film crew at the Thokla pass and spoke to the director for a bit before being told off for causing a traffic jam (at 4,830m!!).  Made it back to the Yak lodge and had some hot lemon to warm up and raise blood sugar levels! Spent an evening in the toasty warm dining room watching a group of Chinese tourists being pampered with their own chef and hot water bottles… Wonder how much they paid for their tour?!? Clearly not in our budget range!!!

Monday 11th April 2016

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